Message of Dr. Abdullah Al Shafi Majumder


Bangladesh Cardiac Society.


Welcome to our website
Since its formation in 1984 under the leadership of National Professor (Brig.) Abdul Malik, Bangladesh Cardiac Society has been involved to safeguard the interests of the professionals as well uphold the services to the patients. As a professional organization the society aims to standardize the Cardiovascular services in the country and continuous promotion of professional learning and training. We have to have skilled man-power in cardiovascular sciences.For more than 3 decades, the society serves as the national platform for the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of the country. We are aware that as the number of our colleagues are increasing, so the increase in the burden of responsibility. At present we have got more than 600 members. We try to introduce a sense of participation in every activity of the society. Every member should feel that the society belongs to him.
The society keeps contact with the international organizations of our discipline. Society is a member of World Heart Federation; Asia-Pacific Society of Cardiology and SAARC Society of Cardiology. We are part of Bangladesh NCD network along with other 9 organizations.
We are active in scientific and educational activities. Since 1986, we have been publishing BANGLADESH HEART JOURNAL, a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal. We regularly arrange symposia and seminars besides annual scientific meetings. We observe World Heart Day every year in a befitting way.
Our vision is to make Bangladesh Cardiac Society as a truly professional body. We are at the point of our own space for office with our own address. We are having updated website and we are upgrading the journal.With the glorious past, vibrant present and visionary future let all the members of the society be united under the banner of BANGLADESH CARDIAC SOCIETY and let the development and progression be felt in the national arena.