Services and benefits of Members

a) Subject to the provision of the Constitution and bye-laws of the Society, a member shall be entitled to all privileges of the Society.

b) Every member shall receive copies of all publications of the Society free of Charge or at a subsidized rate as deemed fit by the Executive Committee from time to time.

c) Shall receive a copy of the annual report and a statement of audited accounts of the society.

d) Shall be entitled to use the reading room and library of the society.

e) Shall have the right to attend and take part in discussions in all general meetings, clinical meetings, lectures and demonstrations, organized by the Society free of charge.

f) Shall have the right to vote on all resolutions, put forward at any general meeting of the Society in the manner as stipulated in the bye-laws.

g) Shall have right to attend Cardiology Conferences, Conventions, Seminars organized by the Society on such terms as laid down in the bye-laws.