Message of Prof. AKM Mohibullah


Bangladesh Cardiac Society.


On this occasion of launching the website of the Society – I am delighted to extend my warm felicitation to all Members of Bangladesh Cardiac Society.  Our Society is one of the pioneer professional organizations in the country with a mission to work for the welfare of the cardiology
community as well as for the development of cardiovascular care services in the country. This is the forum where the cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons of the country work together to achieve its goal. I hope that the newly launched website will add momentum to the activity of the Society.

In the context of socioeconomic and epidemiological transition, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become the major public health issues in our country at present and for this NCDs have already been given the top priority in health related national agenda. Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases – the major denominator of NCDs – has entailed new responsibilities on the cardiology community in particular to its ‘spokesman’ Bangladesh Cardiac Society. Accordingly in continuation with the glorious past, the Society has prepared itself to meet the demand of the time.

Bangladesh Cardiac Society regularly publishes the Bangladesh Heart Journal and organizes scientific conferences and seminars for its members to keep them refresh with newer advances in the field of cardiovascular sciences. The Society is also very much active with programs and publications in creating public awareness in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In this era of globalization, Bangladesh Cardiac Society is maintaining liaison with the allied national and international organizations to harvest the optimum benefit. For the first time, the Society has taken initiative to develop national registries for some of the cardiovascular diseases. An updated directory of the Members of the Society is also near completion.

We have many works to do, and the Society is determined to accomplish as many as possible. We have more than 600 Members; we shall go ahead hand in hand to make the Society a truly professional and dynamic organization, so that we can contribute more effectively for the benefit of the community and
the nation.

Thank you all.

Prof. AKM Mohibullah